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Get to Know the People That Make Up Our Organization

Our Team

A Huge Shout Out to the the amazing volunteers in the picture above, without them we could never do what we do!!  Thank you all.

 Meet the Board of Directors, Coordinators and Liaisons that work with the Sgt. Preston S Hartley PTSD Memorial and who make every effort to find organizations that will help us in our mission. We promise to keep the organization running so that no veteran in Austin and other parts of Texas will have to struggle with PTSD without getting the help they need.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are all Volunteers with passion and drive.  The Board continues to grow as we grow.

Lynn Hartley


I am one of the co founders and President of the memorial to help other Veterans with PTSD. We founded this memorial as part of our healing process when we lost our son Preston in 2017. My goal along with Dale the other co founder is to help as many Veterans with PTSD get assistance to therapeutic programs. We do not want other families to go through what we have been through or a Veteran to go through what Preston went through. This may be by obtaining or training a Service Dog, attending Equine Therapy, connecting with other Veterans or other programs within our community. We HELP HEAL HIDDEN WOUNDS #helpinghealhiddenwounds

Tanya Roulston

Board Member

Hi, my life consists of family, friends, work and being able to live my life with the ones I love. There is a time in your life where you want to make a difference and at the right time I had the opportunity to join Sgt. Preston S Hartley PTSD Memorial team, it’s such a blessing to be part of the cause to help our veterans and their family when they need it most. We all need to open our hearts, eyes and realize “Not All Wounds Are Visible” and help our veterans as they protect us and our freedom. Many blessings and thanks to all who have supported us to help our veterans.

Linda Moore

Board Member

I remember the fear as a young woman when loved ones, including 2 cousins, went to Vietnam. I remember being so relieved for those who made it back alive. Now in these days the fear doesn’t go away so easily, as PTSD claims so many of these precious lives when they are back safe on our shores. I know it happened before, we just didn’t have a name for it. Now that we know the cause and how to help those who risked their lives to save us, it’s our turn to help save them! I am a Texas girl who has lived in the Austin area for almost 40 years. I met the Hartley's a few years after I moved here and they have been dear friends. Losing Preston hit very close to home. I am proud to support this worthy effort!

Coordinators and Liaisons 

Our Coordinators and Liaisons are all Volunteers who have a passion for what we do!  We can never thank them enough for being a part of our organization.

Becky Hartley 

Fundraising Coordinator

I’ve been a part of the military family most of my life through birth and marriage. I have two wonderful kids and a daughter in love, they are my world. As Preston's Aunt losing him is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve had to endure. I’m blessed to be a part of this organization that honors his memory. We lose too many vets daily to PTSD and we as a country need to do better for our heroes. We can only succeed in this mission with your help and support! #helpinghealhiddenwounds

Mary Ann Hartley

Fundraising Coordinator

Hi, Preston was my husband. We met just after he joined the military we fell in love and eventually we got to have our happily ever after & married in 2015. Preston did two tours to Iraq. After which he came back hurting and struggling with severe PTSD. Ultimately he lost his battle, so I made it my mission to help as many veterans as I can. I am beyond lucky and blessed to be a part of the amazing Hartley family and was honored to take on the role of fundraising coordinator. I look forward to helping as many veterans we can possibly reach. I thank you now for all of your support without you we wouldn't be able to reach as many veterans as we have. 

Stephanie Boren

V​olunteer Coordinator

Hi! I’m a graduate of Texas Tech and have been married for over 3 years. My husband, Daniel, is retired from the Army and also served as a Marine. I have one son and 4 stepchildren plus 3 fur babies. I have grown up in the military life as my father was in the Navy. I have known the Hartley’s for almost 20 years and I am excited to be involved because I have lost too many people to PTSD.

Nicolas Aulani Beuke

Veteran Liaison and Social Media Volunteer 

5 1/2 years in the USAF, sf member, one tour in Iraq.  Medically retired with a Service Dog.

Adam Vinciguerra

Veteran Liaison

 Dallas Area

My wife and I are glad to be helping Lynn and Dale Hartley with the Memorial. I am a veteran as well, I met my wife while stationed here in Texas 11 years ago. I'm sure she covered all this, but we have 3 kids and I'm currently in the process of starting my own company, something Preston and I had talked about doing when we got out of the military. I first met Preston back in 2006 when I got stationed at Ft. Hood. We were in the same unit, and ended up being roommates after our first deployment for the remainder of our time in the Army. Preston and I instantly connected when we met and becoming roommates just made us even closer. We shared a common love for video games, you could often hear us yelling through our bedroom walls at each other while we played. He was the best-man in my wedding he was a brother to me. I too suffer with PTSD so this organization hits very close to home. I have lost too many of my military brothers to PTSD, so its time to change that. Preston would be proud to see something so awesome come together like this in his memory.

Katie Vinciguerra

Veteran Spouse Liaison 

Dallas Area

I’m a photographer, a mother to 3 amazing kiddos and have been married for over 9 years. My husband, Adam, is retired from the Army, that is how I met Preston and the Hartley family. My husband and Preston were roommates for all 4 years of their active duty, as well as roommates over seas in Iraq. Preston was Adam's best-man in our wedding and the crazy uncle who taught my kids bad words. I am excited to be involved in this amazing organization. Adam and I have lost too many of our military brothers to PTSD. We look forward to serving and helping veterans in any capacity we can.